2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Design for Meaningful Growth

Leveraging the business of design to facilitate meaningful outcomes

In the pursuit of growth and scale more organizations are beginning to embrace the power of Service Design. Human centered approach is the mantra of the day and this has brought design into the spotlight. The promise of service design is that it can tackle complex problems that require multi-disciplinary input. While this has begun to show results, the scale, dimensions and complexity of problems to be tackled are exponentially increasing. This imposes complexity that transcends the bounds of technology or finance. In such circumstances, what does it mean to be human centered and how might we apply this as we begin to grow and scale the Service Design practice? How could meaningful design promote financial prowess? This talk offers insights and a framework to promote the concept and adoption of meaningful design as it applies to services and its role at scale.

This framework is based on the fact that Service Design falls at the intersection of three major domains of human endeavors. These are the pursuits of ‘knowledge creation’, ‘wealth creation’ and ‘culture curation’. These are highly interdependent and applicable at scales ranging from organizations to populations. This flow of dynamics between the domains keeps the knowledge economy afloat.

Balance of the three domains is the key to meaningful design. The role of the designer in all of this is to push and nurture each of these spheres in a balanced and considered manner. The talk proposes a shift in the kind of research required to operate this framework while making a case for rethinking ideation and implementation. This will require service designers to think ahead of the curve and collaborate with domain experts to implement relevant strategies.

Vijay Chakravarthy

Vijay Chakravarthy

A designer and strategist, Vijay brings 14 years of experience of weaving together the worlds of the physical, the digital and business to create integrated product service experiences. His expertise is in shaping meaningful multi-sensorial human experiences and developing sustainable business models to bring them to fruition. Having worked with consulting firms and corporations, his career has lead him on a journey through Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. His experience spans a range of projects - from designing connected technology (IoT) & wearables to brand experiences & organizational transformation. Having worked in sectors including healthcare, lifestyle products, consumer electronics, industrial safety & transportation; he has a record of delivering successful, award winning products & solutions selling in Asia, Europe & the Americas. He works as a Design Lead at Designit, mentors startups at Princeton University and serves as the northeast representative of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

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