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The Chromatic Dinner

6-8 February 2019 | Doors at 7:30 PM, Dinner at 8 pm

A dinner in the wild. The Chromatic Dinner is an interactive synesthetic experience designed by futurist artist Martin Butler and devised by local chef Nick Gavin. Five courses with drink and scent pairings for each course.

Following the logic of sense, this dining experience challenges the way food influences our emotions, sensations, thoughts, and associations. Every course is inspired by a different color, corresponding to one of the Chinese elements: Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Quoting synesthesia, a perceptual condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic, involuntary experience in another sense.

Be prepared for an evening full of sensational surprises at a dinner in the wild.

The Chromatic Dinner The Chromatic Dinner
The Chromatic Dinner
  • 103 S Main St, Seattle, WA
  • Wed-Fri, Feb 6-8 Feb 2019
  • Doors at 7:30 pm, Dinner at 8 pm

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