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Interaction Design Education Summit Day 2

4 February 2019

Badge Pickup / Breakfast


Morning Welcome

Beyond the IxD Degree Program: Why and How Industry and Academia Should Partner Around Pedagogy

Building Transdisciplinary Design Capability through an Integrated Studio Approach

Encouraging Experimentation: Helping Students Respond to Interaction Design in Flux

4D Design at Cranbrook: Projections for a New Model of Interaction Design Education

Break Out Session 1

Boxes, Bumps & Breakfasts: Object lessons for Teaching Human-Centered Research and Analysis

Interaction Design for Health: Experiments for Wild Innovation

Teaching Tangible Interaction: Beyond the Kit of Parts

Seeing The Unseen: Experiments in Interactive Data Visualization

Break Out Session 2

Do We Design for the Experiences of Children or Do We Merely Crouch to a 120cm Sight Level? A Co-Design Workshop for a Child's Play Area

Break Out Session 3

Beyond Frameworks: Designing With Ethics

Break Out Session 4

Cumulus / IxDA Curriculum Workshop, Part 3


What Can the Circus Arts Teach Us About Pedagogy?

Silo-Busting and Island-Hopping: How (and Why) to Deploy Pedagogic Approaches That Blend Theory and Practice

Interaction Design and Serious Video Game: Motivating Undergraduate Students to Explore New Territories

High School Students Create Startups: Teaching Design in an Interdisciplinary Engineering and Entrepreneurship Class

Break Out Session 1

Behavior Change Design Sprint

Break Out Session 2

Being ‘Design-Ready’ - The Organisation as the Student

Break Out Session 3

Ixd in the Age of the Anthropocene

Break Out Session 4

Studying Designers, Artifacts and Users: Learning to Frame Research (Sometimes Mislabeled as “Design Thinking”) that Informs Interaction Design from Three Intersecting Perspectives

Coffee Service

Andy Davidson

Closing Remarks

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