2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Visual Thinking for Interaction Designers

workshop – Half day (4h) | Feb 5 – 9am | UW - Poplar Hall, RM 106

Make your ideas clear. Learn the art AND science of visual thinking from 2 industry leaders.

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From simple sketches to more formal concept models, the value of of visual thinking is well documented. It allows us to ideate swiftly as well as communicate and collaborate with our multi-disciplinary partners. Master the skills of visual thinking and you can effectively frame the conversation. Perhaps you’ve seen someone sketchnoting, or read “Sketching Interactions” or “Back of the Napkin” and felt a pang of longing to take pen to paper and express your ideas effectively. Or maybe you’ve seen the power of someone distilling a really complex idea into a clear concept model, and wished you could bring the same clarity to your work. We can make these dreams a reality.

In this workshop, we’ll take you from “can’t draw a straight line” to visually representing complex ideas. Design luminaries Stephen P. Anderson and Christina Wodtke will build on each other’s expertise in information visualization and design thinking to present the art and science of visual thinking.

The Art The first session will get you out of your seats (and out of your comfort zones?) as we demystify the very act of sketching. You’ll build confidence in your ability to grab a pen and give form to ideas.

The Science Inspired and energized by your newfound visual superpowers, we’ll use the second session to focus and refine your abilities. We’ll explore a disciplined way to think about visual representations, with a special focus on how to use the spatial arrangement of things to assign (and convey) meaning.

Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson is currently Head of Design, Innovation Garage, Capital One. Most of his days are spent coaching at scale for Capital One’s 50+ designers and product teams. Stephen is also an author, working on his second book, of which two chapters are devoted to this whole “visual display of information” topic. Previously, Stephen created @getmentalnotes & wrote the book Seductive Interaction Design. And he used to do a lot of speaking.


Christina Wodtke

Christina Wodtke

Christina has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Zynga, the New York Times and numerous startups throughout Silicon Valley. She’s the author of the business fable book Radical Focus, which uses the power of story to build a new approach to OKRs and Pencil Me In, on using drawing to make better businesses and products. Christina currently teaches at Stanford in the HCI program in Computer Science. She speaks worldwide about humanity, teamwork, and the journey to excellence. Find out more information at cwodtke.com.

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