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Product Management for Designers

workshop – Half day (4h) | Feb 5 – 9am

Whether you’re looking to work more effectively with Product Managers, or become one yourself, this workshop will teach you some key activities for being a successful product manager.

Product Managers and Designers often work very closely together, and influence each other’s work. Product Management is a growing discipline, that lacks clear definition and rules of engagement with other disciplines. In this workshop, I’ll introduce several key concepts of Product Management, by taking the group through some short activities for idea generation, prioritization, and collaboration. This workshop is intended to provide an introduction to Product Management from the perspective of someone coming from design, to give participants methods for working more effectively with PMs, or moving into that role themselves.

As someone who has worked in both roles, I can provide perspective and empathy from both sides. I also lead a similar workshop at my company - about once every three months for the past two years.


  • Introduction: What is a Product Manager
  • Part I: Establishing a Vision
  • Activity: Idea Generation & Prioritization
  • Activity: Stakeholder Mapping
  • Activity: Product Mad Libs
  • Activity: Defining Your MVP
  • Part II: Building to Learn
  • Activity: User Story Writing
  • Activity: Story Estimation & Prioritization
  • Conclusion: Principles over Processes

Becki Hyde

Becki Hyde is an interdisciplinary designer and product manager who is passionate about the intersection of design and technology. She currently works as an internal consultant in Product Management and Product Design at a Fortune 100 health insurance company, where she works to deliver products and serves as a leader of the Product Management Community of Practice. In that role, Becki facilitates project kickoffs, Design Studios, and other activities across the company. She has also spoken internationally on the topic of the overlaps between Product Management and Product Design, and how the two roles can work together effectively.


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