2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Designing for Trust, Transparency, and Control

workshop – Half day (4h) | Feb 5 – 2pm | UW - Poplar Hall, RM 105

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The technologies we rely on to manage our lives are becoming ever smarter and more intuitive but the tools we have used to inform people about how their data powers these technologies - and the choices they have - have not kept pace. We at Facebook know we need to do better, and it couldn’t be clearer that every company, from the largest platform to the smallest startup, needs to continually innovate to ensure people understand how their information is used. At its core, this is a question of design.

Since 2017, we’ve run our own Design Jams - interactive workshops where we convene experts to formulate designs that address privacy challenges that balance user experience and transparency. To ensure these sessions are practically useful, we prototype fictional products with a specific audience in mind to enhance its real world applicability. Participants develop ideas and create designs over a one day session.

As an industry-wide challenge, a broad mix of expertise is essential to tackle these issues. So the Design Jams we’ve held outside of IXDA bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines including behavioral economics, designers, product development, data regulators (France’s CNIL and the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office) alongside major businesses including Adidas, Microsoft, Barclays and the Financial Times.

We will run a designer-focused Design Jam at Interaction 19, tackling the challenge of trust, transparency and control. Informing designers with tools, expert information and guidance that can be tested out during the day and then taken back to their schools or businesses to inform their work.


DISCOVER - Elements of Trust, Transparency & Control (9:00-10:15am) 15 mins - Welcome & Introduction 60 mins - Hands-on exercises related to trust, transparency & control

DEVELOP - Trust, Transparency and Control in products (10:15 -12:00pm) 15 mins - Project Briefing, setting context for problems to solve 30 mins - Sketching solutions (diverge) 15 mins - BREAK 15 mins - Agree on best ideas 30 mins - Sketching solutions (converge)

SHARE - Share ideas and best practices (12:00pm - 1:00pm) 20 mins - Prepare to share 35 mins - Share out with the room & discussion 5 mins - Learnings & Closing

Elaine Montgomery

Elaine Montgomery

Elaine Montgomery joined Facebook in 2014 to build a new product design organisation for Ads in London. Since 2017 she’s also been co-leading a program that explores the intersection of data, design & policy called the Trust, Transparency and Control Labs (www.ttclabs.net). TTC Labs brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines including academics, designers, industry peers, legal, policy makers and data regulators to collaborate in workshops called Design Jams. The Jams enable a broad mix of expertise to come together to tackle the industry-wide challenge of data use across the internet.

Elaine recently moved to Seattle to lead the Business Integrity Product Design team for Facebook while continuing her work for TTC Labs. Before joining facebook Elaine worked in corporate banking in London, Google Apps & Communications and Cisco/Webex where she’s brought design goodness to the most-unsexy areas of the internet!


Dr. Dan Hayden

Dr. Dan Hayden

Data Strategy Manager
At Facebook Dan leads global initiatives on privacy and the future of the data- driven economy, with a special focus on applying innovative design-driven methods to policy problems. He co-leads Facebook’s Trust, Transparency and Control Labs (TTCLabs), which was piloted in Berlin in March 2017 and which has now brought initiatives to London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong and around the world. Before joining facebook Dan taught at University College Dublin’s Innovation Academy, working on innovation, law and policy research and teaching.

Victoria Duchatelle

Facebook Design Program Manager

Judith Basler

Facebook Design Program Manager

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