2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Business Design for Designers: The Art & Science of Balancing Impact & Value

Sponsored workshop – Half day (4h) | Feb 5 – 2pm | UW - MHCI+D Studio

Most businesses understand that they need to embrace change to enable growth. The challenge is figuring out how to change in a way that is not only innovative, but also results in ROI.

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Over the past few years, Designit has become a global leader in the Business Design Practice, combining our expertise in other design domains to create a practice that is not only business-minded, but customer-centric. We have learned that Business Design is about measuring value for customers and businesses, as well as impact on the organizational, industry, and cultural levels.

Business Design is not just about measuring ROI, but about impacting how people think.


We will begin with defining Business Design as a creative process, as more than quantifying opportunities via market sizing, which any MBA can do! Through understanding customer’s needs, business can think about what they can do differently to impact their bottom line.

We will then walk you through the Business Design Process and articulate the necessary tools that will help you quantify opportunities and help your clients make informed judgements. Just as you would evaluate whether a creative idea makes sense for your client in terms of clarity, message, and inspiration, there are parameters for articulating how creativity and innovation translate into value. We will develop a definition for that value, discover the impact of creativity, and tackle business model development as a creative process. All while providing you with a rich set of examples straight from Designit’s robust portfolio.

From gaining business insights, to business model canvas creation, to developing a viable go-to-market strategy, we will provide you with tools and vocabulary to understand and articulate which opportunities to pursue, all while demonstrating the overlap of Business Design with other design domains.

Target audience

This workshop is for designers who are trying to build a context around their clients’ realities and communicate the business value of design. Our goal is to help you begin to understand revenue goals and translate innovation into monetary results that are more tangible for your customers… all of which should be done from a customer-centric approach. If you come away able to measure and explain both value and impact, we will have done our job!

Joanna Roberts

Joanna Roberts

Jo is a Senior Business Designer at Designit. She works with teams to develop new products and business models for clients in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries. She is also an instructor at Cooper Professional Education.

Iris Latour

Iris Latour

Iris is a Senior Strategic Designer at Designit. Hailing from the tech education industry, she moved into the design agency world at Cooper in San Francisco. As a leadership coach, Iris has designed engagement and client development strategies for a diverse set of cross-functional teams.


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