2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Scaling Emergent Design Leadership for Complex Teams, Organizations, and Markets

Designers are confronting greater complexity than ever before in their teams, companies, and the problems they’re trying to solve. Learn how to lead your teams to thrive in these environments to position you and them for success.

We cannot continue to manage teams and lead designers the same way previous generations did and expect to thrive today. The business playing field today is more complex, interdependent, interconnected, and emergent than ever before, and continuing a risk-averse command and control approach to design and product development stifles innovation, creativity, and yes, the soul. This talk addresses why this new paradigm of design leadership is needed now, and the primary methods to put to work tomorrow to enable you to lead teams to success–at scale and across lines of business. With specifics ranging from improving skill assessment, building teams based on skills and not roles, and how to provide feedback, attendees will leave this talk with near-equal does of critical systems thinking theory and practical tips to change how they lead and manage design teams.

Chris Avore

Chris Avore

I joined Invision in April 2018 as a principal on the design transformation team after leading design and user experience at Nasdaq for 7 years. I partner with InVision clients to level up their design practice and help their larger business understand the value of design, often through a variety of methods including customized, inclusive presentations and workshops for audiences across the organization. I write and speak at conferences on topics including digital transformation, innovation, design influence, and design management and am authoring a book on design management with Rosenfeld Media.

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