2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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Principles of Sense Augmentation

How might we design for our bodies in the near future?

As technology slowly enters the body, how might we design safely for us to thrive with it? I will be introducing the concept of body hacking through sensory substitution and addition, give the audience a picture of the current technologies and landscape. Much of this talk will serve as a provocation that allows us to think about the future of our bodies through the lens of healthcare and design. I finally bring up some principles that we can collaboratively start thinking about, as wearables become more tied to us and technology and biology merges.

Fabiola Einhorn

Fabiola Einhorn


I’m a Swedish Austin-based interaction designer and transmedia artist, bodyhacker and qualitative researcher on a quest to explore our relationship to technology in the most broad sense. I was spending most of my days at frog design, but recently moved on to athenahealth to focus on product in healthcare as a lead user experience designer. My MFA from Parson’s Design and Technology program has come in handy in the ways of prototyping and design thinking, but I also brings a thing or two from my experience in San Francisco’s start-up world and Madison Avenue.

My creative practice is led by an intent to explore forgotten or hidden truths about the human condition through design research, conceptual forms of inquiry and design thinking/making. I find it an exciting time to explore my biggest passions - notions in anticipatory design, dark patterns, the future of UI’s, connected health/wellness, affective and tangible computing and the augmented body. I truly believe that technology needs to be in service of design, and can help the greater good.

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