2-8 February, 2020 — Milan, Italy
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We are the data miners — Rethinking design for AI

Discussing design challenges for consumer AI applications, and some tactics for solving some of the hardest design problems.

We’re at a critical juncture for consumer AI applications: the use of personal data as fuel has led to the emergence of intelligent services, but people are waking up to the privacy and social implications of broad data sharing.

In this talk I’ll discuss the role of the interaction designer as “data miner”, the challenges we face building trust and the engagement that’s needed to enable meaningful experiences. I’ll also demonstrate how tactics such as playfulness and empowerment can solve some of the most challenging design problems in AI.

Ammon Haggerty

Ammon Haggerty

I’m a co-founder and VP of Design at Formation (formation.ai), a San Francisco startup using AI to transform customer loyalty. Prior to Formation, I was a Design Director with Digital Ventures, an incubation team within BCG, where I co-led a team to successfully launch a corporate funded startup (Formation). Prior to BCG, I was a Principle UX Designer at Microsoft where I focused on natural UX (conversational understanding and augmented reality) and challenges surrounding personalization and privacy.

I’ve spent much of my 29 year career looking to blend my interest in programming with my passion for design. Startups and creative agencies litter my past — leaving a trail of wonderful learning experiences. The interesting parts of my journey are captured at qaswa.com.

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