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Designing Police Software Without Bias

Learn how Mark43 combats bias in their products used by law enforcement.

In a large company it is challenging to align on ethics, no matter how well-intentioned individual employees are. At Mark43 we design software for law enforcement. These are pressures we feel every day, internally, and from our clients and investors. This was what drove myself and four other coworkers to create the Mark43 Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group. The group evaluates features we add to the software and acts as a forum to discuss ethical questions that arise frequently in our line of work. We also created a rubric that anyone at our company can use to evaluate a product idea or feature. In this presentation I will share with you how we set up the Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group and walk viewers through two features we built using the rubric as evaluation.

Hannelore McElheny

I joined Mark43 in January of 2016 as the 30th hire. Over the last 3 years we have grown to 170 employees and over 50 clients. My role as a product designer has helped me understand the complex state of policing and driven me to pursue the design of unbiased interfaces.

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