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Designing for People on the Move

From smartwatches to smartbags

We as designers are so focused on all the opportunities that the digital worlds have created, that we sometimes forget about the physical world. I want to show that the physical world has a lot of opportunities for a user interface designer by showing different examples of projects I worked on: from satnavs and smartwatches to handbags. The design of a handbag is centuries old, while the way we use a handbag has completely changed. This results in several usability problems: the handbag is difficult to open, it’s difficult to find something, users often miss phone calls, or forget things. While a handbag is the ideal wearable, it’s carried around all the time. It has a promising potential for smart technologies. I will show my journey developing the smart handbag using several innovative technologies to create an interface between the user and the bag (and the phone inside the bag): tactile sensors, 3D printing, lasering technology, etc without compromising on a beautiful minimalist design for both the digital and the physical interface.

Simone Tertoolen

I am the founder and designer of MINOIS - smart minimalist handbags.

After studying Industrial Design Engineering, I have worked for several tech companies (Siemens, TNO and TomTom). The main theme in my career is designing for people that are on the move. Going from A to B requires most of the user’s energy and attention. Designing people that are on the move is challenging and something I’ve grown passionate about.

For me, designing a smart handbag, was a logical next step.

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