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Call for Submissions

  • 1 October 2018 The call for Interaction 19 proposals is now closed.
  • We are still accepting proposals for the Interaction Design Education Summit:

    • 14 October 2018: At 11:59pm Pacific: deadline for submitting both talks and workshops.
    • 28 October 2018: We will inform all workshop and talk applicants if they have been selected.
    • 8 November 2018: Interaction Design Education Summit program announced.

      Submit your Education Summit talk or workshop proposal now!

  • 22 October 2018: We will inform all Interaction 19 workshop and talk applicants if they have been selected.
  • 1 November 2018: Interaction 19 Workshops and Conference Program announced

Why should you give a presentation or workshop at Interaction 19 & the Interaction Design Education Summit?

You will inspire people, and help shape the discipline of interaction design. You will also meet other design leaders from all around the world. More importantly, it will be fun!

Most important, the talk you propose should fit one of the three levels of reflection. Interaction design in flux: What are the key changes? What are the most difficult challenges? What are our responsibilities as a discipline? Experiments: How are you innovating and experimenting? What has worked? What has not? Do you have something to teach the rest of the community? Reinvent yourself: How are you reinventing yourself? What can you share that will help others navigate their reinvention? What do you see as most important role of design in the 21st century?

Submit your proposed talk or workshop now!

Who is our audience?

We want to set a stage for advanced, more in-depth topics, so while the conference is open to all, the majority of the audience will be senior designers, tech and creative directors, thought leaders, startup founders, teachers, and beyond.

How are we curating submissions?

Your proposals are peer reviewed by members from the IxDA community - our selection committee.

We are reviewing based on quality, the speaker’s experience, and how well it aligns with the conference themes and other presentations.

Diversity and Accessibility

We want Interaction 19 to truly represent the diversity and the multiple facets of interaction design. Each voice is important.

If you’d need support for translation, coaching, have any doubts or questions, or if we’ve missed something important, please reach out.

Speaker information

  • As a speaker, you will receive an honorarium, and a free ticket for the conference.
  • As a workshop speaker, you get 50% of the proceeds from your workshop ticket sales.
  • Please read our Code of Conduct.

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